Quality Engineering Services

In the digital world that we live in today, it is very important for businesses to have bug-free scalable products and services. Quality Testing is often ignored in product life-cycle, causing end product or tool to malfunction, in turn causing more harm than good. At Veracity Software Inc., we believe that Quality Assurance procedures must begin at the earliest stage of the project. A bug-free software product always enhances the comfort level of the application user and thereby contributes to the productivity of usage of the software.

We spend nearly 40 % of our product development efforts in high-level Quality Assurance Procedures and software testing tools. Our in-house quality engineering group works with the vision of creating niche in Quality and Testing field. This core group has processes and testing workflows in place which can help your application for all your business and system use cases. Our regression suite will make sure your application is tested and certified with new flow as well as data quality issues are addressed proactively.

Software Testing

Any software life cycle Quality Assurance (QA) and testing are extremely crucial and should be implemented from the early stage of the project. Quality assurance services have gained considerable significance in these times where outsourcing and offshoring is an established practice. The need for independent judge is more strong and clear now. Veracity Software Inc. has been offering QA services to its satisfied customers across the globe.

We deliver on our promised benefits by :

  • Redefine the development process for application / software
  • Identify areas of weakness and enhancements to be needed
  • Verify the expected performance of application
  • Verify the accuracy of logic which is being used
  • Ensure that business requirements of the system have been met
  • Reduce rework that is needed to fix buggy software

Types Of Testing

Automation Testing

Mobile Testing

Performance Testing

Security Testing