Access to Qualified and Engaged Professionals

For over 10+ years, we have curated a robust network of qualified talent across the world, which includes 8 million candidates housed within our proprietary database. Powered by artificial intelligence and constantly improving through machine learning technology, Veracity Applicant Tracking System allows our recruiters to find your ideal candidate with speed and accuracy. Additionally, we continually invest in our talent pipeline by certifying, upskilling, and retraining our existing consultants.


Thorough Vetting and Recruiting Process

We manage the entire recruiting process, from strategic goal setting, candidate screening, interviewing, skills validation testing, recommending candidates, and conveying offers to onboarding and performance management, allowing you to focus on what’s important: running and growing your business.


Commitment to Compliance

Veracity compliance team understands the importance of meeting and adapting to precise contractual screening requirements through background, financial, and illicit substance screening, and our clients trust us to ensure documents are signed, information is properly handled, and the details get the attention they deserve. We have made significant investments in technology to create the best candidate experience during onboarding and to ensure the highest standards of data security for our contractors and clients.