Verity 360

Verity 360 is a simple and efficient tool for managing all HR activities from Employee Onboarding to Time Tracking. With Verity 360, you will have access to your entire employee data with just one click. Verity 360 simplifies most HR activities like time tracking, payroll, employee onboarding, vacation management etc.

Verity 360 also has lot to offer for the recruiting and staffing industry. Verity 360 also adds tremendous values for team working in various locations. You will have all the data at one place, which will help your team to work in a synchronous and efficient manner.

With the Management dashboard, you will have the PNL data all the time to help you manage your finances effectively. With the monthly billing and expense report, you can track your finances all the time.

Verity 360 Dashboards

HR Dashboard

The HR Dashboard gives you a brief summary of employee details and overview. Here you can view activity that happened recently. You can also quickly glance over the total number consultants, clients and pending requirements on this page. You can get an overview of people under the Verity portal with the pie chart on the bottom.

Employee Dashboard

The Employee Dashboard is where a consultant can see their information, ranging from contact information to when they were added to the database. Here, they can log in their hours as well as see the status of their work authorizations.

Recruitment Dashboard

The Recruitment Dashboard has a summary about the Consultants. Here, you can view the various positions and how many submissions have been made in the last month and last year. There is aslo a graphical view that compares the submissions by the different technologies.